5 Paragraph Essay

Having a clear essay outline is essential in the essay writing process. It helps a writer to understand their essay structure and to plan their arguments well. In an outline, a writer takes note of the main points they will use in their arguments. They write a summary of the points they want to cover. 

Sometimes, they may include important phrases or quotations that they will use. Some instructors ask students to submit their essays together with the essay outline as separate documents. Even if you are not asked to submit, it is always good to prepare an outline before you begin writing. 

What is a 5 Paragraph Essay Template?

Before you start writing an essay, there are several processes that you must go through. The first process is to understand the essay question. What follows is creating an essay topic and then you prepare the research sources. During the research, you can go as wide or as deep as you want. You also record all the key points and the sources for reference. When you feel overwhelmed by the process, search for a college essay writer and get help from them. 

After gathering all your information, it is important to create a 5 paragraph essay template before you begin writing. It is a template that you can customize and record all the key information that you shall use in your essay. The 5 paragraph essay template contains 5 main things.

It has an introduction: The introduction contains information that you shall use in your essay introduction. It can contain the main points to use, thesis, and any other relevant information. The introduction should have one paragraph. 

It has a body: Just like an essay, the body of a 5 paragraph essay outline contains several paragraphs. On the maximum, you should not exceed three paragraphs in the body. The paragraphs contain your main points of argument. Against each point, you should write a short discussion of the point. 

It has a conclusion: The conclusion of your 5-paragraph essay outline should be one paragraph. It contains a summary of the main points discussed in the body and an overview of the main argument in the introduction. 

The writer should take note of every main argument of the information that they want to discuss in the essay and ensure they include it. The 5 paragraph essay outline can be applied to any type of essay. It doesn’t matter if the essay is argumentative, descriptive, informative, persuasive, or whichever other type of essay. 

What does a 5 paragraph essay look like in the outline?

A five-paragraph essay is simple but very crucial in any essay writing process. The writer should pay keen focus on every component of the outline starting with the introduction, progressing to the body, and finishing with the conclusion. A lot of students seek college paper help to complete their essay outlines and the final essays. This is what a five-paragraph essay template looks like. 

The introduction
The introduction is made of a short paragraph of between three to five sentences long. It has three components. 

  • The hook
  • The background
  • Thesis statement

The hook
A hook in a five-paragraph essay outline is a short opening sentence. It is the first sentence a reader reads after the topic. It acts as the bait that captures the attention of the reader and keeps them hooked to the essay. Think about a hook and a bait for catching fish. The bait lures the fish to the hook. 

The hook should be strong enough not to let the fish go before it gets into the hands of the fisherman. This is what the hook of an essay should be like. It should be strong enough not to let the reader off until they have awarded you high marks. 

In a five-paragraph essay template, the hook doesn’t contain too many details. Its purpose is to guide you when writing the main essay where you can provide further details. It can be a question, a statistic, a quote, a simile, or a humorous phrase. The entire introduction paragraph should help you set the structure of the entire essay. 

Here is a five-paragraph essay example
Imagine you are writing an essay about environmental destruction and preservation efforts. The first sentence should be a hook to keep the reader glued to your essay. Consider using essay writers for hire if you find any challenges. You can think about a hook like this one: 

“Within the next century, there will no single drop of freshwater or a single tree standing upon the earth if today’s generation does nothing to preserve the environment.” This is a direct statistic or observation that makes the reader want to read on to find out why. 

The introduction should be brief. Its purpose is to introduce the reader to your main arguments in the body. You should avoid preempting your arguments at this point. Just give an overview so that the reader can dig deeper into the essay body. 

Consider this five-paragraph essay example that can be used in an introduction. Let us dwell on the same topic of environmental destruction and preservation efforts. You can write an introduction like this. "For many centuries, human beings have invested more in destroying the environment and very little in preserving it.”

Thesis statement
The thesis statement contains your main argument. The entire essay is based on the statement you write as your thesis. Since it is for an outline template, the statement should be short and to the point. Every point that you argue in the body should be a reflection of the thesis statement. If you find it’s not reflecting it, notice there is a problem and you need to revise it. 

Here is an example of a thesis statement outline
“Environmental destruction has significantly contributed to the challenges currently experienced in the earth. The simple task of preserving nature one day at a time can help reverse the harsh natural phenomena being experienced across our planet today.”

The body 
The body should have three paragraphs. If it contains more or less, the outline cannot be termed a five-paragraph outline. The first point should be strongest compared to the other two paragraphs. It should be strong enough to encourage the reader to continue reading the entire essay. Each point in the body should align with your thesis statement. The paragraph follows a specific structure. It has an introduction, argument, and conclusion. 

Introduction of a body paragraph
The introduction introduces the key point in the paragraph. Note that each paragraph covers one key point. That means, there should be an introduction in each paragraph, an argument, and a conclusion. The introduction doesn’t preempt all the information but only brings it to attention. 

Here is an example of an introductory sentence in a body paragraph.

“Environmental destruction is the main cause of respiratory ailments. A lot of people are dying not because their immune systems are weak but because mother nature is weak.”

The argument
The argument provides support to the introduction point. It contains the evidence as to why you used the point. A reader may challenge an introduction point but feel satisfied after reading the argument. It should as strong as the introduction. It is the only defense that you have for your key point. Make that defense solid enough such that it cannot be challenged. 

Here is an example of an argument in a body paragraph.

“The main effects of environmental destruction are impacted on water, air, and soil pollution. These are natural resources that every human being relies on for survival. People breathe air, drink water, and grow food on the soil. In the short term, no one may feel the effects these three natural resources have on the human body. As time progresses the doctors begin to treat thousands and millions of people suffering from respiratory challenges.”

The paragraph should have a concluding sentence. It provides a summary of the introduction and the argument. Beyond this, it also paves way for the introduction of the next point in the next paragraph. The sentence should be brief but also within the point or topic. Do not try to introduce something new in the concluding sentence. 

Here is an example of a conclusion of a body paragraph
“In summary, the negative human activities on the planet have not only affected the planet’s natural resources, but also the health of human beings. “

This is the same format that you should follow in each of the three paragraphs in the body. The first paragraph should contain the strongest point. Use the weakest point in the second paragraph and the point with the best persuasion in the third paragraph. 

The concluding paragraph
The concluding paragraph should be strong. It refocuses on the introduction, thesis statement, and body. It provides a summary of the other parts of the essay outline and closes the arguments. Restate your thesis statement as though you are paraphrasing it. 

Here is an example of a concluding paragraph.
“The current challenges being experienced in the earth would not exist if human beings had not taken part in destroying nature. There has to be urgent measure for reversing the negative actions man has taken against the earth for several millenniums.”

Conclude the paragraph with supporting arguments from the points discussed in the body. Note that you should never introduce a new point or argument in the conclusion. It should only reflect the points that are already covered. 

For example, one of the arguments was about the increase in respiratory illnesses due to environmental destruction. You can conclude it with a sentence like this one. 

“Human beings are already experiencing the consequences of environmental destruction. Millions of people are suffering from respiratory sickness. Limiting nature destruction and taking bold steps to preserve it will create a lasting solution to the illnesses.”

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