Effective Tips for Good Book Reviewing

A book review should impact the interest a reader has in a book, either in a good or in a bad way. A book review is not necessarily your empty sheet for criticizing an author or a book. On the opposite, a book review is an empty sheet where you tell what you learned about the book, how you learned it, and what you think.

Here are some tips that will help you write a good book review:

  • Make it constructive. Whether you chose to be critical or positive about the book tell the readers what and why. You can’t just state your opinions - you have to back them up with evidence and explanations.
  • Be authentic. A book review is not a re-telling of the story the writer already told. It is your own piece of writing, so be authentic. Use your own voice and opinions.
  • Don’t exaggerate. Be honest, but do not be judging, brutal, or rude. Your criticism in a book review needs to be constructive.
  • Engage the readers with the introduction. Interest the readers in the review starting with the introduction. Even if you are about to say that the book is not good later and that they shouldn’t read it, make them want to read your review.
  • Talk about details. Include comments on the characters, plot, setting, theme, dialogue, facts, writing style, genre, etc. However, do not include details that will ruin the story for the reader (spoilers). Remember – not everyone has read the book.
  • Include quotes. When you need to back up your statements, include quotes as an evidence.
  • Proofread the book review for spelling or grammar mistakes, typos, and inconsistency. If you fail to do this, all your previous efforts will be in vain.

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