Editing Tips That Will Improve Your Writing

Writing is taught on an almost daily basis, but instructors spend a very limited amount of time on teaching editing. It is the rough fate of every student – they have to learn how to edit their own papers.

Editing is an essential part of the writing process. This is where the real work lies – in perfecting the paper before delivering it. Without editing, you cannot achieve clarity and amaze the reader.

Here are some tips and tricks that will aid you in learning more about the process:

  • Read the paper out loud. When you read your paper out loud, you can identify those awkward-sounding parts that need to be removed or changed and are hardly noticeable to the eye.
  • Read backward. Once you are done reading the written text silently and out loud, read it backward. By doing this word by word, you can detect spelling mistakes.
  • Take a break. Not a break of minutes or hours, but an entire night. Edit your paper the day later. Since you are the one who wrote it, you want to forget as much as you can about it. This should help you see the paper as the readers will.
  • Justify the points. Each statement, point, and even joke you make needs to be justified. If you cannot provide a reason why you included something in the essay, you shouldn’t have included it to start with.
  • Cut the bad and unnecessary. Do not be afraid to cut parts of your paper. If they don’t fit, they are out.
  • Avoid passive sentences. Passive sentences can be used, but you should try to avoid them as much as possible. Passive language is seen as a way to weasel out, and are known to somehow change the intended effect.

When you are writing yourself, it is really hard to edit and proofread your paper. While proofreading can be done with the help of different software programs and with advanced grammar skills you will have no problem of doing that, editing can become a real nightmare. When you are a paper author you cannot omit unnecessary information, choose then right words, simplify language and much more. That is why our academic writing team with years of experience in paper editing decided to provide affordable editing services to you.

Our most important aim is to improve the readability and presentation of your paper, to check it for the errors and refine your content to make it stand out from other papers of your classmates. We will assure that your paper is error free and your idea is delivered to your readers. We will remove unnecessary information and expand some your thoughts with fresh details. We will make sure that your team is properly formatted following citation style your professor decided to use.

Why choose us? 

The first thing you should understand is that we have created our editing service for the students who write their papers themselves and are interested in the improvement of their writing. We love learning your ideas and know how to make your writing stand out from others without any harm to the content or idea you have. We are aware of major stylistic mistakes students do while writing papers.

Who are your editors?

Our editors are academic writers. They achieved the perfect level of writing and papers they created had no errors or corrections for numerous years. They can write an excellent paper from scratch. Our editors hold Masters and Ph.D. degrees and wrote numerous dissertations, thesis papers, essays, reports, case studies and other papers for the students. They are professionals in their area of study. We never assign editors with the historical background to computer science paper for example.

What do you offer?

We have experience in writing essay papers, dissertations, thesis papers and other academic papers students might need during their education. For some time, we offered editing services only to our clients and included them for free with any order. However, we decided to support students’ writing papers by themselves. And we decided to add all our extra features for academic writing into our editing service offerings. Let’s list some benefits you will get by ordering editing from our team:

  • 24/7 support via chat, email, and phone. Our agents are all awesome and always ready to help you, answer your questions or do anything else you might need from us.
  • Plagiarism scans with premium plagiarism checking software.
  • Affordable prices per page, which depend on deadline and level of writing.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Enchanted security of each offer with our safe online system.
  • Privacy policy. We never will share any details about you.
  • Improvement recommendations if there something to add to your paper.
  • Discounts on any stage of working with us. Yes, we have loyalty program!
  • Free revisions before you accepted the paper.

No time to wait! Order professional editing from us

As you see we are trying to make sure that any student, either one who is looking for writing help or one who needs some editing can get qualified help from our team. Each day we are working on the ways to improve our service. We have 99% of satisfied clients and our main goal to make a hundred. If you need academic writing, editing, proofreading or any other service related to academia, contact us and we will see what we can do for you now.