6 Practical Tips for Improving Your Essay Writing Skills

Essays are so common; they often represent a torture for students. The challenge of having to create a unique essay on a topic that has been discussed so many times before is very hard. Even if you choose a unique topic, presenting it may still pose an issue.

To help you improve your essay writing skills, we present you with some practical tips for essay writing:

  • Read others’ essays. Other people’s essays help you get an idea of what a good essay should look like, helps you develop your own style, and gives you the very necessary boost to write your own essay. It doesn’t even have to be an essay related to your topic – just pick great essays and see what the writer did in them.
  • Work on your vocabulary. The better your vocabulary is, the easier you can express your thoughts. Work on your vocabulary on regular basis – read a lot, use a thesaurus, communicate by using newly-learned words, etc. When you improve your vocabulary to a much higher level, even the simplest story you tell in an essay will sound brilliant.
  • Use elevator pitching. Make an elevator pitch for the ideas you have for the essay. Share this elevator pitch with someone close to you – friends or family, and ask them if that idea would be a good one for an essay. The elevator pitch on its own should help you decide on the structure you will use in your essay.
  • Choose the right topic. If the topic and title aren’t already provided by the instructor, you have the opportunity to select a very interesting topic. Such topic must be researchable, interesting, and most importantly – one you find to be worth exploring.
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