How to Make Your Essay Longer:

You can be asked to write an essay for different purposes. Some universities request applicants to write an essay before submission. Some scholarships require applicants to describe themselves in an essay. Throughout their time in college, lecturers assign different topics to test students.

The main challenge many students go through when writing essays is achieving the right word count. They might be required to write 1,000 words but they only achieve 500. Their main dilemma is how to make an essay longer. These five hacks will help you write a longer essay. 

Hire an Essay Writer

A college essay writer is an experienced professional who can create for you any type of essay. They have the right academic qualifications and experience to write on different essay topics. Essay writers are hired by essay writing companies to provide writing services to students any time they want. If you are struggling with ways to make your essay longer, an essay writer can help you solve the problem in an instant. 

Advantages of Hiring an Assay Writer

You will get multiple advantages when you hire an essay writer. 

You will get a longer essay
Most students struggle with ways to make an essay longer due to a lack of experience. Many of them are new to essay writing processes. Due to this, they begin writing with vigor but along the way, they get stuck. Professional writers have all the experience needed to write any type of essay no matter how long it is. 

You will save a lot of time
You might spend a long time searching for how to make your essay longer hacks in vain. The time you spend searching for hacks takes away your time for writing. Before you know it, you have lost a lot of time leaving you with no time to write. By hiring an essay writer, you can save more time than you can imagine. 

You get an original paper
Professional essay writers have been in the work for many years. They have gained experience in writing original papers. They understand which sources are best for creating plagiarism-free papers. They use their expert writing skills combined with the help of writing tools that ensure the paper is original. Apart from getting an original paper, you will also get a high-quality essay. Lecturers look for the best quality essays to award them the highest grades. 

Use Headings and Subheadings

You can get stressed trying to get the best how to make your essay longer hacks. One of the simplest ways is to order essay online or use headings and subheadings. Some students make their essays like a long wall of text. They don’t show where a certain point ends or where the next one starts. After the main topic, they don’t show which section is the introduction, which is the body, or the conclusion. 

An essay without headings and subheadings is difficult to read or understand. It is stressful to the reader as they try to comprehend it. Most readers will abandon reading the essay and award just a few points. To the writer, they run out of points fast and begins struggling with ideas to help them make an essay longer. 

An essay that is divided into headings and subheadings looks attractive. It is easy to comprehend and follow the flow. Most readers will read the entire essay and award high scores. Initially, you might have prepared yourself to use two main headings and four subheadings. If you fail to achieve the word count, check if you still have more points that you haven’t argued.

Create another heading or subheading and argue out more points under it. For example, if you were arguing about the causes of climate change, you might manage to do 1,000 words instead of 1,500. It is easy to begin adding irrelevant information due to a lack of how to make your essay longer hacks. However, you can decide to add another heading about the effects of climate change. Causes are closely related to effects and it will be a relevant heading to discuss. Include a few subheads and you will achieve the right word count. 

Use Examples Correctly

When you are wondering about how to make your essay longer hacks, one of the main ideas that you can consider is using examples. You’ve already made your claims and used strong information to support them. Unfortunately, you have failed to reach the required length. Instead of starting to get stressed, revisit your claims and look for examples to support them. 

Examples will make your essay to be more solid. They will give greater weight to your claims and earn you more scores. If you continue finding problems using examples in an essay, search for essay writers for hire and get help from them. 

How to use examples in an essay

There are different ways you can effectively use examples in an essay. Whenever you use examples, make sure they are relevant to the topic to avoid confusion. Search or think about the best example that aligns with your point or claim. 

Do not make it look like you are guessing
There is a way you can use an example in an essay and you look like you are guessing. The reader will get the notion that you are not sure about what you writing. If you write something like “I think climate and weather might mean the same thing.” Automatically, you have told the reader you are not sure. However, if you write something like “climate and weather are the same things.” You’ve indicated you are certain about your argument.  

Use linking words
Instead of writing the words like example or e.g., there is a better way of doing it. Use linking words to make the example look the same or closely related to the claim. Think about linking words such as – for instance, namely, let me illustrate, for an illustration, take, for instance, take for example. 

Research Further and Deeper

More often, you will find yourself looking for ways to make your essay longer especially when you are writing detailed essays. It is not easy to achieve the correct word count if your research is not deep. For example, your target might be to achieve 2,000 words but only use two sources of information. The sources may have very detailed points but you will get a huge gap and challenge trying to achieve your right word count. 

The secret to making an essay longer is to get more sources to help you research wider and deeper. There are different ways you can use to get the right sources. 

Look for credible websites
Any website can publish information online but credibility matters. To know if a website is credible, determine who wrote the information and who owns the website. The writer must be knowledgeable in the field. A professional health expert can write credible health information. A trained statistician can write detailed information about statistics. A website that is owned by the government, international NGOs, and established research authorities contains credible information. 

Use the library
The university library can be the first place to visit. It contains journals, magazines, books, and articles that can be useful in your writing process. If you are not sure about which information to get from the library, the librarian can offer help. 

Use academic search engines
Academic search engines contain thousands of quality information that you can get ideas for writing. They collect documents from all over the world and publish them to access by researchers. You might be required to pay a fee to access the information but it is worth it. Some of them contain over 100 million published high-quality documents.

Get the Topic Right

Your topic choice can make you spend many hours thinking about ways to make your essay longer. You get ideas for the topic from the prompt or essay question. Take your time to make sure you understand the prompt clearly. From the prompt, create the best essay topic to write about. Before you choose the topic, brainstorm on several topics and then choose one. 

There are several things you must consider when choosing a topic

Ask yourself if you love the topic
Unless you have no other option, always choose a topic that you love. If you choose otherwise, you could easily get bored trying to gather information about the topic. The topic can be complex and you fail to get enough information.

Check online to see if there is enough information available
You can choose a topic that you love but afterward, you realize there is not enough information on the topic. Before you settle on it, search a few websites to check how much information has been written about the topic. Research is usually based on available information backed up by your ideas. 

Avoid a topic that has been researched too much
You will find some topics that have been researched millions of times. The advantage is that you will get a lot of information about it but your lecturer may not like the topic. Teachers would love it when you engage in a more challenging topic. Avoid a topic that has been too narrowly researched because you will rarely get information about it. You will not lack a good topic that has been moderately researched. These are the topics that will give you better grades. 

Consider the significance of the topic to your course
You can choose a topic that doesn’t add value to your course. Take a deeper consideration of the course that you are studying. Let there be a link between the topic and course to help you earn better grades.

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