Proofreading Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Fixing the paper is equally important as writing it, even more. Unintentional mistakes can cost you a grade or two, depending on what you miss and how many errors you left behind while proofreading.

You can read and re-read the paper dozens of times, and still miss some errors. Here are the most common proofreading mistakes students make:

  • Get too familiar with the paper. You are the one who has written the paper, so you are the person who is most familiar with it. If you don’t learn to read it as if you are someone else, you won’t find the errors you made unintentionally. After all, if this was so simple, you wouldn’t have made them in the first place.
  • Only use a spell check. No, proofreading is not only about spelling mistakes. And your spell checker is not the perfect tool that will find everything. In fact, if you utilize it too much, you can make extra mistakes by confirming the suggestions it makes, and destroy the paper even further.
  • Use one way of proofreading. To find errors, you need to change methods. Read the text quietly, then out loud. Read it off your screen, then print it out. Read it the normal way, then backward. Try different methods to achieve better results and you’ll see how many mistakes you actually made in the writing part.
  • First proofread, then edit. No, proofreading should always come last. What good is there if you proofread the paper and then start fixing the word flow, sentences, paragraphs, etc.? You can make new mistakes in the editing process, so your paper will again need proofreading afterward. Edit first, proofread later.

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