Essays generally mean an intelligible composition of words. They are literary or analytic compositions mainly dealing with a subject from a limited or personal point of view. In your academic journey, you will have to write essays. In college, you will write a lot of essays. 

An essay could be short or long. However, for academic purposes, it’s usually long. Before you write an essay, you must first identify or determine its type to know its style and structure.

Although some people write without following an essay writing order or structure, we advise against it. Please write with a structure, and the basic structure that the notable buy essays for college recommend is;  introduction, the body of the essay, and conclusion.

When you are tasked with writing an essay, you will be able to determine the type of essay. But it will be more difficult to complete it on your own. This is a problem for you, but not for a college essay writer who deals with such papers professionally. Before you proceed with the task, it makes sense to consider delegating the job. 

Types of Essay

Now, there are numerous types of essays. However, the major essay types are descriptive, argumentative, expository, and narrative. Lucky for you, we would explain these types as friendly as possible.

Argumentative essay

This type of essay involves argument. An argument is the process or act of reasoning, arguing, or discussing. You must understand that an argumentative essay is characterized by or consists of a series of arguments. 

If you want to write this type of essay, you must have or show the tendency of disputing an opinion. You must write according to your personal statement, which facts or specific data influence. It must reflect your personal view on the issue in discussion. 

If, for example, you are told to write an essay on a proposed government policy, whether the government should enact and implement the policy or not. The first thing to do is identify the essay as an argumentative essay meaning that the essay will have an additional body paragraph to present your argument. 

Remember we mentioned it earlier? It would help if you had in-depth and well-researched data to back up your points. You must address the main issues before dwelling on your points. 

The style of writing to be employed must be persuasive. You must use persuasive writing techniques to drive home your points.

Essentially, an argumentative essay requires you to debate or argue for or against a particular position.

Features of an Argumentative Essay

Some features of an argumentative essay are:

  1. Arguments characterize it
  2. Persuasive writing style is employed
  3. An additional body part stating the opposing view
  4. It involves qualitative and quantitative research to back up points

Expository Essay

It would help if you got that expository essay, as its name suggests, deals with exposition. It practically relates and contains exposition. It is the most common form of an essay because academic institutions require it. If you are to write an expository essay, you must dig deep and look into the topic, critically analyze it and then create or structure an exposition about the idea. 

You must expose Integral concepts in the topic to enable the reader to grasp what the topic really entails. An expository essay involves explanation, exposition, and description. To write a detailed expository essay, you must expose pivotal concepts in the topic, and you may need to rely on facts and statistics to achieve that. 

You must be concise when writing an expository essay so that your readers can easily understand the essay. The writing style must be simple, precise, and explanatory.

Features of an expository essay

  1. It is easy to understand
  2. The writing technique is simple and explanatory
  3. It exposes and explains important concepts
  4. It is usually required in examinations

Descriptive essay

This essay generally makes a description. Any essay which presents observation about the characteristics of a thing or person is descriptive. It describes the characteristics, features, or traits of either a person, object, situation, circumstances, or feelings. When you are writing this essay, you must arouse the feelings and emotions of the reader such that the reader will be so fond of the essay. 

Your reader must be able to feel what you described in the essay. For example, if you are to write an essay on how your last Christmas went, the ideal form of essay is the descriptive essay. You must vividly and clearly state everything that occurred during that period using rich language that is strong adjectives, metaphors, and similes. It would be best if you described in details events that happened then in such a manner that will deeply engross your reader in it.

Features of a Descriptive essay

  1. It specifically centers on the description
  2. The writing must not be vague
  3. Strong use of languages
  4. Detailed and logical analysis of events.

Narrative essay

This essay involves narration. You have to narrate in detail when writing this type of essay. You tell a story in a narrative, and you must note that it is mostly personal. If you writing an essay on ‘the first time you travel by air,’ you must tell and state everything you experienced during the journey. 

Narrative essays usually have a plot that is the main focus of the essay, which is revealed chronologically in the essay. It also consists of settings, characters, climax, and conclusion. Your conclusion in a narrative essay must be explicit, and it must enlighten your reader on how the whole event ended. You must be creative and imaginative when writing a narrative essay. It is more like your personal statement. 

To achieve a detailed narrative essay, it would help if you used the right figures of speech such as metaphors, alliterations, similes, analogies, and dialogues. The first pronoun, ‘I,’ is mostly used in writing this essay. Narrative essay enhances communication, and if you can write a narrative essay well, communication will no longer be an obstacle to you. 

Features of a narrative essay

  1. It tells a story
  2. It is personal
  3. It employs a literary technique 
  4. It is conversational in style

Differences in Types of Essays

Sure, you can buy essays for college but you must understand the difference. Understanding the four main types of essays helps to give a clearer and better understanding of the texts you are working on. You can do this by examining the essay’s structure, tone, words used, and the author’s theme presentation. 

Essays vary in length as some require several pages while others make complete sense in just a few paragraphs. Skill employed in writing is another differentiating factor, for example, critically thinking through a phenomenon in an analytical essay to reach an objective solution or using a persuasive technique in communicating your position in an argumentative essay. 

An argumentative essay is primarily concerned with juxtaposing facts and figures to reach a conclusive end about a concept. In an argumentative essay, you do research and present evidence to back up your position on the topic at hand. In contrast, an expository essay doesn’t necessarily require an argument but rather provides a clear, proper explanation of a topic. The expository essay aims to expose readers to new information or knowledge about the topic under discussion. Thus, systematically organizing and succinctly conveying information is a necessary skill. 

A narrative essay tells a story. It could be from a personal experience, observed events, or purely imaginative thinking. It usually ends with a moral lesson. This, is fundamentally different from a descriptive essay which mainly aims to give a vivid description of something- general a place or object

The major difference between the four major essay types is premises on their nature. A narrative essay mainly tells a story, while a descriptive essay paints a picture with the word. An argumentative essay consists of two parts, and it is usually persuasive, while an expository essay provides a detailed analysis of the topic. 

A narrative essay is personal, a descriptive essay comprises sensory details, an expository essay provides factual information, and an argumentative essay convinces the reader to take your own side of the story. 

These essays are generally compositions, but their features are quite distinct, and their purpose differs. If you’re to write an essay, you must determine what form of essay to use and be very creative when writing any form of essay.

To write an essay on a political subject or anything requiring you to give your own opinion, the form of essay to be employed is the argumentative essay. If you are to write about a particular experience or event, you make use of a narrative essay, and if it’s to state the qualities of a thing, you must make use of a descriptive essay. If the topic you are given requires facts and data, you must use an expository form of essay to convey your thoughts. 

To write a good essay, be it narrative, argumentative, expository, or descriptive, you must be precise and concise when writing. Your tone must convey your thoughts. Your writing styles must be standard. You need to be creative, and your essay must be easy to understand. You must be persuasive when writing an argumentative essay. You must state facts when writing an expository essay. 

You must be detailed when writing a narrative essay, and if you are writing a descriptive essay, you must be able to paint a clear picture of the whole thing to your reader. To achieve the desired results when writing an essay, you can review the basics of writing an essay at buy essays for college

Another important thing you must note when writing any form of essay is your grammars. Avoid the use of ambiguous words. You need to be clear when writing any form of essay. Your grammar would portray your tone, which is supposed to convey your thoughts. Once your grammar is off, your tone will be off and you will wrongly convey the whole essay. However, don’t be shy to ask for help with writing a paper for college


Essays are writings or compositions which describe, narrate, expose and analyze a particular issue or topic. It would be better to write the introduction of your essay in a manner that enables your reader to grasp what the whole essay is about. 

It must introduce the topic to your reader. The body of the essay must be your own views on the topic given, and in argumentative essays, it would be in two parts, one in support of the argument and the other against the argument. The essay’s conclusions must be able to facilitate your points and your reader must have been able to understand the whole topic.

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