Types Of Research Papers

As a student, doing research is a very vital part of studying. Research enhances one’s knowledge and leaves a positive impression on your lecturers that you seek further knowledge. 

A research paper is your own thoughts and ideas that include facts in it. The fact that you should note is that writing a research paper needs a lot of hard work and effort.

So if you are a busy student or don’t have much experience writing there, you can consult your seniors’ to help with writing paper.  

Accordingly, you should know that there are various types of research papers students need to be aware of to obtain beneficial information in any given field. 

Types Of Research Papers

There are a few types of research papers. Of which, they all require special approaches that should be marked while preparing to write it. 

  • Analytical Research Paper
  • Argumentative or Persuasive Research Paper
  • Definition Paper
  • Compare and contrast (Comparative) Paper
  • Cause and effect  Paper
  • Report Paper
  • Interpretative Paper
  • Experimental Research Paper
  • Survey Research Paper
  • Problem-solution Paper
  • Argumentative Or Persuasive Research Paper

The art of writing an argumentative research paper entails capturing the reader’s attention on the arguments that relate to your main topic. Points of view have to be supported with evidence from primary sources. Despite this, such a paper should entail simplicity at first sight, including the standard procedures for writing an argumentative essay rightly structured. 

Samples of Argumentative research paper include:

  • Is politics the primary cause of war? 
  • Are working mothers worthy of special privileges? 
  • Should Euthanasia be legalized?

Analytical Research Paper

This term appears to be a bit tricky on the outside, but a closer look gives it a straightforward explanation. An analytical paper provides an analysis of a topic or idea. 

For instance, where a paper topic is Effects of Corruption – obviously, such a theme is too broad because there are many things to talk about (from the damage it brings to the different solutions and facts).

 As a college essay writer writing an analytical paper, you have to present the facts of the said topic and analyze such facts.

An analytical research paper implies the use of critical thinking to back up stated facts.  The author must present the facts and try to be as objective as he/she can.

Definition Paper

 A definition paper requires one to provide only visible objective arguments and facts without the use of personal opinion. It is the most informative kind of research paper. 

Definition papers include facts from various sources, although such types of academic papers only reflect the findings of other researches. 

When you are writing your definition paper, make sure to avoid saying what you feel about the facts!

Compare And Contrast (Comparative) Paper

This Comparative Paper is needed to critically analyze the differences between two subjects, authors, viewpoints, leadership styles, or other criteria. It is usually the go-to assignment for some subjects. Some of these subjects are literature, philosophy, social science, etc. No matter the subject, it usually has the same construction of comparison.

Cause And Effect Paper

These results are often used to trace the expected results of some actions in a logically progressive manner that must be clear and understandable to the reader. This method is often applied in business and educational fields. This method not only explains the expected results but points at several different results that could appear depending on the specificity of conditions.


Reports explain the facts of a certain sample situation. By rule, such text includes the summary of a situation, understanding of the main issue, and recommendations. 

This means that it basically has to be a logical and detailed summary of some incidents. This feature makes it similar to definition paper.

A report often has an executive summary that replaces the abstract that is fixed at the beginning of an academic research paper.

Interpretative Paper

This type of research paper is assigned in social science and literature. This task requires a student to validate the knowledge that he has gained from the particular incident, for example, a work of art, material from business and psychology fields. This paper requires the application of learned theoretical knowledge to write it, including the use of supporting data for your thesis statement and findings.

Experimental Research Paper

An Experimental Research Paper basically describes experiments in detail. It is common in scientific fields like biology, chemistry, or physics. Experiments are mainly to explain a certain outcome or event with certain actions. A research student needs to describe the experiment with supporting data and then give a sufficient analysis. 

Survey Research Paper

The Survey Research Paper demands the act of conducting a survey that includes questioning respondents. The survey conductor then collects all the information from the survey and analyzes it to present it in a research paper.

Problem - Solution

This type of research paper is written to solve different problems and issues viewed as very challenging. Such paper is written by both students and researchers. Mostly, students are supposed to confront this sort of research paper as their assignments. 

The researcher is expected to study the data about the problem and then find out some possible solutions which should be effective. 

This means that the research should include data and examples that should be able to prove that the solution is the best for those types of problems.

What A Research Paper Should Not Include

  • It should not include any citations. Only essential information should be included in a research paper. 
  • A research paper should not only be the summary of others’ thoughts and ideas, although it must include your own ideas in your own words.

In writing a research paper, both sides are not be discussed. In fact, you have to discuss one side and further bring strong facts and data to support it(with the exception of an argumentative research paper).

Lastly, It is no new news that you should avoid plagiarism as much as possible. Of course, you would get inspiration and knowledge from the works of other people.

You have to read and digest the works of other researchers and then put it down in your own words (make you add proper referencing where necessary). Plagiarism is a Crime.

How To Write A Research Paper

Some time ago at a seminar tagged  “help to write my research paper”,  a College professor gave  some golden guidelines:

The following steps serve as a guideline in writing a research paper. The steps are:

Step 1: Get acquainted with two Topics in your line of interest

Step 2: Pick a suitable topic

Step 3: Research on that topic

Step 4: Organize research on the topic chosen in step 2

Step 5: Form a thesis

Step 6: Create an outline

Step 7: Make a draft

Step 8: Edit for content

Step 9: Edit for grammar

Step 10: Re-edit, then  submit your paper

One step that defines whether or not you will have a smooth or rocky ride during the course of your research is Picking a suitable Topic. This step is essential to writing an overall excellent research paper.

The way to pick the best topic is by ensuring that you look for it in an area that you are passionate about. You can also attend conferences and seminars relating to the area of study. Your professor or lecturer can also be instrumental in picking the best topic.

The essence of this is to make sure that you do not get stuck during the course of research. Of course! You do not want to get stuck and feel frustrated.

Parts Of A Research Paper

There are eight main parts in a research paper: Knowing the types of a research paper helps in creating proper layouts and ensures that the paper is well constructed. Therefore, you are advised to diligently follow the parts of a research paper while writing.

  1. Title (cover page)
  2. Introduction
  3. Review
  4. Research Implementation
  5. Data analysis
  6. Results
  7. Conclusion
  8. Reference page

Writing research has proven to be key in various fields like education, business, marketing fields. Even in social media writing, a research paper is a key to its success and development.

Before we wrap up this wonderful piece, there is a grey area that must be cleared.  It is whether a thesis is the same thing as a research paper. The answer to the question is of course negative. A thesis and a research paper might be similar but they are very much different.

Whilst a thesis is a document written by postgraduate students in order to achieve higher honors and qualifications, a research paper is a piece of academic writing required for a class.

Here is the tricky part! Whilst all thesis are research papers, not all research papers are theses. Here is how to differentiate;

A thesis is very long and often takes more than a year to complete, whilst a research paper is much shorter and might require just weeks or a month bro complete.

A thesis works towards using available data to prove or disprove a hypothesis, while a research paper dissects a single thesis from possible angles.

Most writers of the thesis are experienced research works writers, and as such, they most likely have other publications. Also, Postgraduate students who have to shuffle between jobs and their academic papers can also get thesis writing service. Just make sure you use trusted writing services.

So, we can say that writing a research paper is very important, that’s why besides writing it, we should have some information about its types and its importance.

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